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Accessible website

Our interest in making information readily accessible to everyone, regardless of any handicap or disability they may have, is clearly reflected in the design of our website. Examples of this include the fact that all the option menus are composed of text (which appears larger when the browser's font size is increased), and that our style sheet complies with the W3C CSS standard. All our images also have an alternative text (seen when the cursor is moved over them), which is very useful for someone viewing the website with a text browser (one which does not display images) or one which only reads content (as used by those with visual impairments).

The range of colours used on the website, while still respecting our corporate image, displays the text in colours which contrast with the background. This allows them to be more easily read. Flash animation has only been used to show additional, non-essential content, as accessibility through this medium is zero. We have opted to invest all our efforts into developing and maintaining a good HTML-based website.

Our website conforms to Level A of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0 (WCAG 1.0) . It also meets the W3C CSS standard, and has successfully passed the TAW website accessibility test.